Looking for a good read?

I think it has to do with the fact that it’s a study break for many people this but for some odd reason I got a few requests for book recommendations.

I love reading and getting my hands on information and I try to educate myself everyday. Below you will find my top five recommendations with respect to books (all non-fiction, since it’s basically all I read):

1. ChiRunning: A Revolutionary Approach to Effortless, Injury-Free Running by Danny Dreyer
-Was there a doubt? I obviously love this book and have read it a few times. It’s the bible of running for me and I always go back to it and get new nuggets of wisdom every time.

2. The 4-hour workweek by Timothy Ferriss
-This is my new business bible. I really love his philosophy on life and I’ve applied a lot of tips from his book to my life. It’s almost become my blueprint for success on the business/balance side.

3. Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell
-Very good book at opening your mind in order to look at things and phenomenons from a different perspective. I could say the same thing about Freakanomics by Steven Levitt & Stephen Dubner.

4. Born to Run by Christopher McDougall
-Such a motivating book for people to get out there and run. I mention it at most workshops since it’s a great look at the history of running and running shoes and how life could be better without the latter. A must read for runners, newbies or vets.

5. Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill
-A classic! This book has really driven home the fact that you become the person you envision yourself to be. This book really helps with the mind-body connection and I would recommend it to anyone going through a rut. It’s way more than a business book!

My next “must-read” is The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk. As always, I will keep you posted!

What’s on your list? Please share, I’m always looking for some good stuff…

About ecinc

I`m one of 13 certified ChiRunning instructors in Canada and I`ve taught the technique to over 300 people across Canada in the past two years. I`m also an NCCP-certified triathlon coach, a Lululemon Alumni Run Ambassador and an all-around nice guy…
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4 Responses to Looking for a good read?

  1. Tania says:

    Wow! Your read my mind. I was going to suggest to you tomorrow that you should blog about your favorite books. Good choices. I read them all. I would add Who Will Cry When You Die by Robin Sharma, The Success Principles by Jack Canfield, The Focal Point by Brian Tracy.

  2. smile breathe and go slowly says:

    Hmmm..I’ve read Think and Grow Rich looong time ago..i remember it getting very tattered and torn lol and of course am reading ChiRunning….
    I’ll play – here’s my list:
    (though I fluctuate between fiction and non)
    1.The Four Agreements – Don Miguel Ruiz
    basic principles for living from the Toltecs
    2. ANYTHING by Paolo Coelho, though I loved The Alchemist and Veronika Decides to Die
    they are fictional..but very personal journeys based on Coelho’s own experiences
    3. Stillness Speaks – Eckhart Tolle ( nuff said)
    4.Women Who Run with the Wolves
    soul lessons told with legends..love love love it
    5.I’m drawing a blank..but i know there’s more….hmmmmm

  3. Jolène says:

    Malcolm Gladwell’s “Blink” is my favourite of his books. He’s also got a great talk on TED.com about spaghetti sauce that is both entertaining and enlightening.

    “Creating Your Best Life: The Ultimate Life List Guide”, Caroline Adams Miller. Just finished this one and absolutely adored it. It’s all about goal setting but has some great exercises throughout the book to help you delve deeper into finding what you truly want. It’s great for all us planners who love making lists of stuff to accomplish.

    “The Art of Possibility”, Benjamin Zander. Check out his talk on TED.com and you’ll be blown away by his unique take on leadership (he’s an orchestra conductor). I absolutely adore his quirky, charming and engaging personality that comes out through his writing.

    “Leadership and the New Science”‘ Margaret Wheatley. I’ve only read one of her books and it was for school, but have also ready many of her articles and find she is simply amazing. She ultimately always talks about leadership and human nature, but draws parallels with science, history, systems thinking, social behaviour… always a good read (but not before bedtime, as it’ll get your mind going!)

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