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Listening can be quite beneficial

I went out for a coffee with some friends last night after another wonderful Run Club with Lululemon Rideau Centre and it got me thinking (shocking, I know!)… I find listening has become an incredible tool for me these days. … Continue reading

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Video blog: Exploring like a kid!

In this post, I’m taking a break (taper week!) from ChiRunning tips to see what the new Ford Explorer has to offer a triathlete. Special thanks to Ford of Canada and Kristine at Thornley Fallis for making me feel like … Continue reading

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#SoCapOtt Recap: A great social media conference right here in Ottawa!

I got the pleasure of attending Social Capital Conference on Saturday. Great times! It was nice to see a world-class conference on a very interesting topic (social media) with some great local speakers. I didn’t have to fly to go … Continue reading

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Another lesson: How ChiRunning helped my swimming

I learned another lesson yesterday at swim practice. I slowly getting back into swimming since I’m still rehabbing my shoulder and my schedule is rather full these days (excuses, I know!). The great thing about ChiRunning is that it really … Continue reading

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Video blog: ChiRunning, running like a kid, part deux

Folks, Welcome back to another edition of my video blog. Today I’m speaking on how being in the moment can help your running and make you more child-like. Who doesn’t want to do that? P.S. Testing out a new set up so let me … Continue reading

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Lessons from the road: Sitting is evil!

As I came back from a small road trip to nearby Kingston to visit my Godson and my favourite family, another lesson was quite apparent. I’ve known for a while that sitting is bad for you but recently I can … Continue reading

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Lessons from another world…

Good morning folks! I was going to talk about the evil of sitting today but it will have to wait. I have something a bit more timely (and somewhat unrelated) to chat about today. I met a very interesting fellow … Continue reading

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