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Great weekend for running folks in Ottawa

Folks, There are some cool events this weekend in Ottawa, especially for people who are investigating this minimalist running thing. This afternoon we have an event full of local superstars including Neil Rosenthal and Ryan Grant from SoleFit Orthotics, Francine Eastwood from … Continue reading

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A good breath, is it in you?

I attended a great session at CanFitPro Calgary on breathing in exercise last weekend. As important as breathing is in life (as in you can’t really do much if you can’t breathe), we don’t really think about it much in … Continue reading

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Two steps forward, one step back?

Is that such a bad thing? I found that you can’t simply steam ahead all the time with your foot on the gas. We are not machines! After a very busy end of the summer and start to the fall, … Continue reading

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Getting “run” out of town…

You gotta love technology (or the lack of skills of this user). This was supposed to go out Friday, when it was actually written. Sorry! *** One of my favourite things to do these days is to explore new cities while … Continue reading

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Are first impressions really that important?

The more I think (and read) about it, the answer is yes if you ask me. You mean countless people every month unless you’re living in your Mom’s basement and you never come out. And whether you like it or not, … Continue reading

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I need a cold shower!

It’s not what you think! As you’re probably aware if you follow this blog, I’m a big fan of Timothy Ferriss. It all started with his first book, the 4 Hour Workweek. It really spoke to me as a business … Continue reading

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What beats running in the rain?

Answer: Actually enjoying running in the rain! I got weird looks and people questioning my sanity when I told them I was really looking forward to my run yesterday. It was raining outside. Actually, it was more of a mist. … Continue reading

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