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Guest blog post: Motivation and running by KimAngeline

I am motivated by many of the obvious things: other running friends, watching the weight go down and talking to like minded people. Sometimes motivation comes from unexpected places, too. There is this woman I see from time to time. She … Continue reading

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How fast do you run?

I get that question from time to time. I still chuckle when someone asks and the good thing is that I don’t really look fast. I’ve even been asked if I’m gonna win the race I’m about to enter. Those … Continue reading

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What are you all about? Branding 101…

It’s looking to be another hectic week so I decided to write this on a quiet Sunday night. As you’re probably aware, I inspire myself from my day-to-day and this post is no different! I was recently part of a … Continue reading

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Does the suit make the man?

Continuing on a recent theme of appearances, it always makes me laugh how I get treated differently when I’m suited up than when I’m wearing shorts and a t-shirt or some Lulu’s. When I walk into a store in proper attire, … Continue reading

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Guest blog post: What running means to me by KimAngeline

Running has taught me more things than I could have ever imagined.  A year ago I was 40 lbs overweight, a single mom to three, and had been weaning myself slowly off antidepressants that I had been on for about … Continue reading

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What do I do? Funny you should ask…

I get that question a lot whenever I meet someone new. I’m sure you get it too. It must be that people love to label folks rather quickly. I usually say I do a lot of things. At the root … Continue reading

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San Fran: Awesome all around!

I’m writing this as I’m on the red-eye back from San Francisco (San Fran-LAX-Chicago-Ottawa). If you follow the blog, you know I was primarily there for #CrowdConf. One word: Awesome! It was a great experience all around. I had been to … Continue reading

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