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I`m one of 13 certified ChiRunning instructors in Canada and I`ve taught the technique to over 300 people across Canada in the past two years. I`m also an NCCP-certified triathlon coach, a Lululemon Alumni Run Ambassador and an all-around nice guy…

What is #SUP? Say that fast three times!

I did the StandUp for CHEO fundraiser yesterday. One word for it: Awesome! For those who don’t know what Stand Up Paddling is, it’s basically a surfboard with a long paddle. It sounds easy but it’s a bit tricky at first … Continue reading

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How do you measure up?

“What gets measured gets done.” –Peter F. Drucker, management icon This is true. I can tell you from experience. From following a training plan for a race to a “diet”, measuring tangibles tracks your progress. I’ve gotten back to weighing … Continue reading

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#Crowdsource your life!

I try to practice what I preach. Since I’ve been involved with crowdsourcing for the past year or so, I’ve incorporated it into my day-to-day. If I’m looking for a good restaurant in a new city, I usually post something … Continue reading

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Bonne fete du Canada à tous! Happy Canuck Day!

That’s the one nice thing about Canada, you can be cool in French or English! I might not be as Canadian as this guy: But I think I’m a pretty good candidate. I’m fluently bilingual and I’ve lived in numerous … Continue reading

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The good and the not so good: #Tremblant70.3 race recap

According to the announcer, I did it (the 70.3 equivalent of “You are an Ironman”)! That’s a good thing… It was definitely an experience. I signed up for this race six months ago or so since the rest of my … Continue reading

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You always remember your first time!

I’m less than a day away from doing another 70.3 (Half Ironman for those not familiar with the Ironman lingo). And the logo to the right says it all… I still remember my first one like it was yesterday. The … Continue reading

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Can #ChiRunning be useful for short distances like a 5k?

I taught Intro to ChiRunning workshops on both days this past weekend. Not only did we get unreal weather, I also had the pleasure of teaching two wonderful groups. One of the participants on Saturday emailed on Sunday with this … Continue reading

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What is a #TweetUp?

When I tell people about one of my favourite subjects these days (tweetups), I usually get the same response: What is that? So I thought I would answer it once and for all! Okay, maybe not but here is my … Continue reading

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Is science flawed?

I must admit. I’m a geek. I read a lot of articles, most of them on running, and most of them refer to studies. And some of them contradict each other. Interesting… So is science flawed? How can midfoot striking … Continue reading

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What is #minimalist running?

I often get that question so I thought I would provide a brief answer. In really short terms, it’s more than just the shoes! One caveat, if you’re trying to adapt to a minimalist running style, make sure you take … Continue reading

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