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You always remember your first time!

I’m less than a day away from doing another 70.3 (Half Ironman for those not familiar with the Ironman lingo). And the logo to the right says it all… I still remember my first one like it was yesterday. The … Continue reading

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What kind of training do you do?

Does that training match up with your goals? Is it realistic? Does it take into account your lifestyle? These questions have come up a bunch of times recently as people ask me advice on training plans for the summer racing … Continue reading

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Race report: Day before Mother’s Day Half Marathon

So I ran the Day before Mother’s Day Half Marathon on the weekend. Maybe I should have stayed home. It wasn’t really my day… What went well: Hydration: Most people tend to overdrink during running events and I kept that in … Continue reading

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Wow, what a year it’s been!

I recently got a notice that said that I just hit my 15oth post. Not bad for my first year as a “blogger”… I’ve really enjoyed sharing myself, my experiences and what little I know over the. It’s been nice … Continue reading

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I did it! #31in31 challenge report

I’ll admit it, some days I wanted to just get on the couch and watch some more Entourage. The weather, the darkness, the comfy couch… But without a fail, every time I set out for another run in January, I was glad … Continue reading

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Trying pays! What my Mommy taught me recently…

My Mom has taught me a lot over the years but I won’t bore you or make you cry with all the details. If you know her, you know she’s a cool customer. One aspect where she might have been … Continue reading

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V-log: New year, new beginnings…

Folks, It’s been a while but see below for a new video blog entry and some wonderful wishes for 2012! *** We got some pretty good uptake for the #31in31 Challenge. Check out the FB page I created for the challenge for … Continue reading

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