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The good and the not so good: #Tremblant70.3 race recap

According to the announcer, I did it (the 70.3 equivalent of “You are an Ironman”)! That’s a good thing… It was definitely an experience. I signed up for this race six months ago or so since the rest of my … Continue reading

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You always remember your first time!

I’m less than a day away from doing another 70.3 (Half Ironman for those not familiar with the Ironman lingo). And the logo to the right says it all… I still remember my first one like it was yesterday. The … Continue reading

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What kind of training do you do?

Does that training match up with your goals? Is it realistic? Does it take into account your lifestyle? These questions have come up a bunch of times recently as people ask me advice on training plans for the summer racing … Continue reading

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Tidbits about running that you might find useful…

What a wonderful weekend for training! I got some good runs and a great bike after a few good swims this week. It really helps to have amazing training weather, especially in the spring. Tremblant 70.3 here I come! I’ve … Continue reading

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Lessons from Camp: Part Deux!

I’m now back from my little triathlon training camp in Pinehurst, North Carolina. It was tough to get back to reality yesterday after having some great times all around all week long. Great weather and some decent mileage for an … Continue reading

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Cross training: Keeping me fresh since 2002!

A week like this has brought back the fire within and made me realize the reason I love to do triathlons. I love TriRudy Camp! I started doing triathlons in 2002 when I recovered from an old football injury (herniated … Continue reading

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Lessons from camp…

Hello from sunny and warm North Carolina! It’s been a nice getaway so far and it’s only a few days in. A few more days in paradise before I head back to reality and a whirlwind of an April. More … Continue reading

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