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Racing tips from a #Lululemon #Running Alumni Ambassador

Here is a video I put together with Lululemon as part of our prep for the 2011 Ottawa Race Weekend. The video might be a bit outdated (who wears that anymore?) but the advice is still timely and relevant. This … Continue reading

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Form vs engine: What can make you a faster runner?

When I was running last weekend’s Day before Mother’s Day Half Marathon, I had a lot of time to think about a few things. It’s one of the fringe benefits of being a slower runner… Looking around at some the … Continue reading

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Lessons from the Health and Fitness TweetUp

We had our second edition of the Ottawa Health and Fitness TweetUp last week at Rama Lotus. Another great event, and this time we had the lovely and talented Kathy Smart as our guest speaker. 1. There are a lot … Continue reading

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Cross training: Keeping me fresh since 2002!

A week like this has brought back the fire within and made me realize the reason I love to do triathlons. I love TriRudy Camp! I started doing triathlons in 2002 when I recovered from an old football injury (herniated … Continue reading

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Exercise better than drugs?

I think so! I’m hooked. I must admit. I saw it again on the weekend when I was out for a short ride. I was just pedalling myself to some new places when I realized I had one of those … Continue reading

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Wow, what a year it’s been!

I recently got a notice that said that I just hit my 15oth post. Not bad for my first year as a “blogger”… I’ve really enjoyed sharing myself, my experiences and what little I know over the. It’s been nice … Continue reading

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I did it! #31in31 challenge report

I’ll admit it, some days I wanted to just get on the couch and watch some more Entourage. The weather, the darkness, the comfy couch… But without a fail, every time I set out for another run in January, I was glad … Continue reading

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