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5 tips to enjoy #running and stay injury-free!

I’m on my way to Windsor this afternoon where I will be doing a talk tonight for the Running Miles group headed by Dr. Todd Small, an accomplished runner and triathlete. Here is a summary of the five tips I … Continue reading

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#ChiRunning101: Cadence

In this week’s ChiRunning101 segment, I chat about what is cadence and why it’s one of the most important components of efficient running form: Do you know your cadence? Is it within the efficient range of 170-180? If not, speed … Continue reading

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Introducing my new v-log series on ChiRunning 101

Folks, I’ve been thinking about a good way to get some tidbits across on ChiRunning and came up with the idea of a weekly video blog post about various aspects of the technique. Here is the intro: As always, let … Continue reading

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Running tips from around the world!

See below for some tidbits, blog posts and articles that caught my eye recently. It’s a worldwide edition! From the UK, here is an article that explains the correlation between height/weight and speed. It has an interesting look at many marathon … Continue reading

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I did it! #31in31 challenge report

I’ll admit it, some days I wanted to just get on the couch and watch some more Entourage. The weather, the darkness, the comfy couch… But without a fail, every time I set out for another run in January, I was glad … Continue reading

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What makes you feel hardcore?

I just came back from a wonderful 10k run in this lovely weather. It was glorious even if most people don’t think running would be enjoyable in near -30 weather in January. It kinda made me feel hardcore. It’s all part … Continue reading

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New ChiRunning promo video: What do you think?

Folks, I just received the final version of my new ChiRunning promotional video and I wanted to know what you thought. I’m a bit biased but I like it a lot. Kudos to Lara and Anthony from Do More Video. … Continue reading

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